B l o g g e n m o z Bringing the Blogger API to Mozilla Composer
Saturday, 18. May 2002

New version 0.1.1 out

I just uploaded a new version of the original bloggenmoz code. While it doesn't contain any functional improvements, it now comes as a Composer overlay and can be installed from the browser using XPI (cross platform install) instead of manually fiddling with jar files. It should also be easier now for other people to play around with the code. Check out the download page for details.

A new version with the most obvious missing features (editing existing items and storing the password) should follow within the next few days.

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Tuesday, 19. March 2002

What's next?

I've finally managed to add a note about Bloggenmoz to Mozilla Bug 121135 ([RFE] [xml-rpc] Add support for the Blogger Api) so everybody subscribed to that bug gets to know about its existence.

What's next? I am now convinced that there are only a few features missing to make Bloggenmoz really usable:

  • Add functionality to retrieve postings from the server.
  • Implement better server account management, i.e. storing passwords, managing multiple accounts by name etc.
Mike Lee suggests using his code to overload the recent pages menu in composer. That's obviously a good idea, just as generally looking to integrate Bloggenmoz with Mike's work would be.

Unfortunately I won't have much time for Bloggenmoz in the next few days, so if anybody feels like giving any of the above a try, feel free to grab the code and have a go at it!

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Monday, 11. March 2002

Welcome to Bloggenmoz!

This site was created to document my attempts to add support for the Blogger API directly to Mozilla Composer. What this means is that people should be able to post to their weblogs directly from the HTML editor that comes with Mozilla. I've started coding over the weekend and already have a functional prototype. Here's a screenshot:

screenshot 1 (Click here if the popup script doesn't work)

You can get my current code from the download page. You'll also find installation instructions as well as some notes and caveats. Please remember that this code is experimental!

This project was inspired by Mike Lee's MozBlog, a Mozilla extension that is embedded in the browser window and allows for quick posting of smaller texts (think bookmarklet). In contrast, Blogger API support in Composer would be ideal for writing longer texts, something that is very unconvenient with browser-based solutions.

There's more to come soon - stay tuned and let me know what you think!

posted by hns, 3/11/02 1:33 PM link   


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